42nd Dimension

Template Widget

I finally got around to writing a GUI version of my template programs.  It allows you to create transitions, fin alignment guides, and miter guides.  It is still in beta testing, but should be quite usable.  I don't have a "Help" feature built yet, but hopefully it should be pretty self-explanatory. I have tested it on Windows 98 and Windows 2000, and recent reports indicate that it also works on Windows XP Pro. If you run it on any other platform, please let me know.

The program is pretty simple.  Just download TemplateWidget.EXE (72K) and run it.

If you get an error message stating that one or more of your library files are outdated I'm afraid you'll have to download TemplateWidget.ZIP (2MB).  If you're using WinZip, just click the "Install" button.  Otherwise, extract the three files to a temporary directory and run the SETUP.EXE program.  It will update any necessary library files and install "Template Widget" in your Start menu.

If you're not running Windows or want to create templates from a Unix, VMS, or other system, you can download the PostScript programs below.  

To use these programs simply download and open the file using any standard text editor.  Read the header comments and follow the directions. Then send it to a PostScript-capable printer or a PostScript previewer such as GSview that comes with Aladdin Ghostscript.

Transition Template

TRANSITION.PS will draw  templates to create transition cones from one diameter to another.  Sizes can be specified in inches, millimeters, or even part numbers such as BT20. If the template is too large to fit on your printer you will get detailed measurements and instructions to easily draw the template using tools no more sophisticated than a ruler and string-compass.

Mitered Tube / Fin Alignment Template

WRAP.PS will draw templates designed to be temporarily wrapped around body tubes for marking purposes.  You can specify a number of fins and the wrap will contains evenly distributed marks similar to the Estes guides.  You can also specify a miter angle which will give the wrap a curved leading edge.  When wrapped around the tube you can trace around the leading edge to mark the necessary cutting line.  Sizes can be specified in inches, millimeters, or even part numbers such as BT20.  Angles are in degrees.

Matt Stum - NAR#73280 Level 2