Gwydion's Arms
Purple Fret Combat Marshal Red Company


On Saturday, August Twenty-eighth, in the year Nineteen hundred and ninety nine, did AEthelwulf Grimsson cease to live.  He died of a broken heart.


Greetings from AEthelwulf!

I am fully known as AEthelwulf Grimsson to my Anglo-Norse buddies, and occasionally slip into my former "Gwydion ap Myrddin" persona when I'm around my Welsh/archer buddies. (Gwydion is the persona that my device and awards are all registered under.)  I've also been known as "Matheus Arcuarius" (Mathew the Archer) and "Mathew the Nameless". I currently reside in Afonlyn, a small Shire in the Middle Kingdom. As a recent Companion of the Red Company I am heavily involved in melee combat, but I also participate heavily in archery as well as leather crafts, woodwork, and general pre-Conquest Anglo-Scandinavian research.

In my brief SCA career I have been awarded an AoA and Purple Fret and inducted into the Red Company.  In the past I have served as a Shire Seneschal and founded the office of the Middle Kingdom Web Minister. I continue to serve the marshal arts as a warranted Marshal of the Field. I have hosted (autocrated) several small Shire events and helped in the planning of a local renn-faire. For the short period that they existed I managed to win both the Shire's Archery and Combat championships.  I also founded the combat unit known as Grimwulf's Fyrd but have since moved on to follow my own path.

To be continued...